• winds-of-change-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • connection-vertical-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • iridescent-feather-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • empress-gaia-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • heart-space-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • great-tree-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • Phoenix-blue-gree-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-
  • see-with-heart-pen-ink-marker-drawing-Eithne-Warren-

My art is not solely my own.  I believe that it is Spirit-led. 

I choose the colours, sometimes they choose me, I breathe, relax and the results always surprise me. 

There are many hidden messages, creatures, feelings and influences that come to the surface as you feel your way in the same meditative state as they were created.

Creating brings me to my joy-filled place.  I’d love to share that with you.