Straighten your Crown

When things seem tough and you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel,  I hope you have a support system in place, to nudge you in the right direction, to shine a light into the dark corners and remind you to ‘straighten your crown’.  One of the things we often find difficult in this independent age, is to ask for help.  We tend to battle along on our own, believing that we ‘should’ be able to do this all by ourselves.  That’s simply not true, or helpful.  Asking for help, opens you up to discovery, learning, kindness and mostly love.


Creating or joining a circle of friends, colleagues, like-minded individuals, is the key to opening those locked doors to your highest potential.  Those people that you open your hearts to, share your stories with, and create a space of non-judgemental acceptance, become your support system.  This makes you all stronger, more adventurous and courageous.  You know they have your back, and so do they!

Trust and Surrender

The lives we lead can either be one of struggle, negativity, adversity and obstacles or of ease, possibility, challenges and opportunities.  It’s your choice! You get to decide to put a positive spin on everything, to respond instead of reacting, to be willing to learn and grow, to trust that everything is working for your highest good.  Making choices to be kind and gentle with yourself, as well as others, will create that energy around you, and draw more of the same to you. 

I had a 4 hour delay while flying home last year, so I decided to put into practice this statement, “All delays are beneficial” (Tosha Silver).  I ended up sitting next to a very nervous passenger. We chatted during the flight and it kept him relatively calm.  That felt so good!  Surrendering to what is, accepting what comes and releasing what needs to go, is freedom!

All this from one card – the Ace of Swords

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