Spirit-led Drawing

I mentioned this when I was attempting to explain what I do when I draw.  It’s an experience most artists have – the feeling that you’re not alone when you are creating.  The more I surrender to the Muse, the easier it becomes to tap into something so much greater than myself.

Tapping into Energy 

Can anyone do it?  Yes, I believe anyone can connect to this greater power.  All you need is willingness, to be quiet and to ask for the Divine to work through you.  This can apply to any creative endeavour. It reconnects you to your spiritual awareness, intuition, imagination, timelessness and joy.  It holds open the doorway to childlike wonder, innocence and lightness.


We are born with 5 senses that enhance our lives in wondrous ways.  But we lose these abilities if we don’t use them. We can see far more than we realise, we hear the things that people don’t say, if we really listen. We feel energies and get hunches; we know things before they happen. We instinctively do and say things without thought, we are telepathically connected to the people we love.  Our tastes and smells from childhood instantly take us back to that moment.  There’s nothing amazing about that, it just is! 


Then we can take it to another level – tap into the collective consciousness by allowing ourselves to be a channel.  To write, to speak, to draw while consciously getting out of your own way.  Tarot readers, psychics, artists, writers, photographers, gardeners, designers, cooks, engineers, architects, mathematicians, scientists, mothers and fathers, and people from all walks of life, do it.  When you get an idea, dream about something, are inspired and follow your “gut-feel”, you’re tapping into that vast well of energy.

Trust Leads to Joy

Take yourself on a journey of discovery, an unearthing and excavation to find your child-self.  A voyage of trust, a way out of stress, worry, doubt and fear.  Join me in a chat …

Till tomorrow,