Signposts …

I took it as a sign when I saw the Death card (Tarot) three times today.  Not as alarming as it sounds, if one looks deeper.  It certainly got my attention, made me pause, take a breath, think about that synchronicity and look for the message.

What needs to “die” to make space for something better?  What is holding me back?  What habit or belief is keeping me small?  What story do I tell myself that isn’t true?  What or who am I allowing to dim my sparkle?

You see, it’s up to you

Do you really know who you are without those stories?  What you allow in your life becomes the blueprint for the way others treat you, speak to and about you, their expectations and the perceived control they have over you.  When you change your awareness about what you allow, you get to a place of valuing your time, skills, gifts, space, feelings and who you really are.

Time to breathe   

There’s no need to fix anything or anyone – nothing’s broken! It’s a change in mindset and attitude, a shift in consciousness, that’s needed.  No ‘doing’ will work here; being, allowing, trust and surrender lead the way to self-love and honouring.  Breathe that in, then exhale the need to fix …

Turn your attention inwards

All your answers are within you and will only be answered as and when you need them, not a moment sooner.  Be OK with that and stress will disappear, your life will be an adventure and you will be following the path to Joy.  Keep asking questions to open yourself up to infinite possibilities, be grateful, joyful and see the world with childlike wonder.

Ringing any bells?

Are you curious about what other cards were in my reading?  Would you like to know what guidance I am able to offer, for you to see from a different perspective? I would love to chat and arrange to do a reading for you.

Till tomorrow,