Oh crap, it’s late and I don’t know what to write about.  Can I even write that?  Am I allowed to admit that?  Of course I am, as it’s exactly what I feel every time I sit down at my keyboard!  I sit down, take a few breaths and allow whatever needs to come through, to get tapping.  That’s trust, a sense of knowing that I will know what to write exactly when I need to. 


Trusting in yourself leads to being able to trust others.  The same way as loving yourself opens your heart to giving and receiving love.  Everything starts with you, then comes back around to you.  


In my writing, drawing and card reading, I set myself up to receive.  Breathing, being willing, ritual, trust and opening myself up to connect, are some of the ways that I encourage myself and my “Muse” to flow.  Suspending any expectation, loosening control, and sometimes waiting for the right word or stroke of the pen to happen, opens the door to creativity.

Stretch and Challenge

We can always stretch a little further than we believe we can.  It’s a simple challenge to reach up a bit higher than you did before, to decide to change your belief or mindset or to allow yourself to be courageous.  Practise being better, moving forward with determination.  There’s nothing like a good stretch!

What Brings you Joy?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?  Where does joy reside in you?  Close your eyes (after you’ve finished reading this 😊) and imagine joy: feel it, hear it, smell it, see it, touch it and know it.  Where in your body do you feel joy bubbling, sparkling and gurgling?  It comes from deep inside, doesn’t it?  You can’t get it wrong; you know exactly where it lives.  Allow it to captivate and delight you.  Cultivate this, nurture this, be this!

Till tomorrow