I find it amusing when the same card keeps popping up in my daily readings for myself.  The Six of Pentacles/Coins alludes to money but also to the balance and discernment required in administering it.  Opportunities for practising wisdom, calculation and being aware of the different ways that money can be used or abused.  If we add the theory that money is energy, an exchange in the physical, we should be able to change our thoughts around money that takes us to a place where we feel more comfortable having it and manifesting it.


Changing our perception about money is revolutionary!  It all depends on you, and of course what you allow to influence you.  If you think lack and constantly worry about how much you don’t have, you encourage that energy.  If you think abundance and are grateful for what you do have, you will encourage that energy.  It’s as simple as that, if you allow it!  Money itself is not the problem, it’s your belief about it that trips you up.  A belief is simple to change, once you unpack it.  Every time you swipe your card, tap it, draw cash or pay online, smile 😊 and say thank you.  This is just one way of exchanging energy that brings joy to both the giver and the receiver.

Following the energy

Back to the beginning where I told you about drawing the same card?  These little nudges from Spirit through friends, cards, social media, songs, and synchronicities are signs to follow along the road – mine is obviously money, and mostly my beliefs and fears around it.  It could also be bringing me into awareness of what I’m really here to do.

Monergy is all around us, contact me to find out more …

Till tomorrow,