Keep Moving Forward

Isn’t it true that no matter what happens to anyone, the sun will rise the next morning?  It’s one of the few things we can depend on.  Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to seize this new day and make the best of the next 24 hours!  Doing your best, in this judgemental world, often seems to fall far short of expectations – wait a minute, I’m not talking about other people’s expectations! 


I’d like to address our lack of self-worth, especially in relation to starting your own online business.  As this is what I’m doing, I feel I can get to the root of our unworthiness.  It goes back to things we’ve heard being said about us, judgements and criticisms, others’ fears, insecurities and beliefs.  When we live in that bubble, we mistakenly assume that we just don’t have a chance out in the big bad world.  It’s time for a shift in attitude, and a willingness to step out from the shadows and trust.

Follow a Different Path

I had been walking along that path for several years, allowing doubt, fear, not feeling good enough, not having the “right” qualifications and What will other people think, to cripple me.  But I used my sudden change in circumstances to propel me forward.  I asked the Universe to bring life to my door so that I could experience everything it had to offer!  I was so tired of sitting on the fence, skulking in the shadows, attending to everyone else’s needs and never to my own.  Yes, it was a huge shift for me, but the smallest degree of turning in the direction of “it’s possible”, is all you need to literally, change your life.  I chose to follow a different path, one that supported me, excited me, guided me, brought me love, happiness, sorrow, taught me, rewarded me and continues to move me forward.

Laughter, Trust and Community

Come and join me as I walk this intuitive path, share your story with me, learn to laugh at yourself, come and draw with me, write the story of your rising, your becoming, your beginnings and your endings and more beginnings.

Let’s have coffee, virtual or real, and get to know each other.  Connections are vital, inspiring and helpful.  Are you ready to change your life?  Move forward …

Till tomorrow