Holding Space

Breathing in, breathing out, quietening the clamour in my mind and envisioning the beautiful space beyond the portal.  This is my way into the Space that holds me, as I hold space for those I love.  It enables me to vibrate at a higher frequency, to be fully here in this present moment.  I cannot truly hold space for others, unless I am first holding space for myself.  It feels effortless, infinitely loving, soft and light. 


Spending time in this Space heightens my awareness, takes me to conscious choices, opens my heart and I then notice reflections of what I need to learn in the mirrors of the ones I’m holding space for.  This helps me to help them, as well as myself.

Acceptance and Allowing

When I accept what is, trust that it is the reason I am experiencing this situation now, I can move into allowing.  When I allow myself to actively participate in every moment, learning and growing through trust, I find myself in flow and alignment.


Letting go of my resistance to wanting to be in control, has been the most difficult obstacle I have faced.  It comes in so many guises that I can justify as love, caring, wanting to carry the load and just plain control.  The difficult part is un-telling the stories.  This is a step by step process, and the freedom when you have a breakthrough is heady and sometimes hilarious.  I fought so hard to keep all those balls I was juggling up in the air!  When I let go of some of them (still playing with the others), I realised that I was never in control.  Phew, who knew? 


I sit here in deep gratitude to those of you who helped me to shift, soften, stand up, show up, take action and mostly for the love I have received. 

Let me extend an invitation to you readers.  Be your best self, listen, learn, be kind, love with abandon, laugh and follow your bliss. 

Till tomorrow


P.S. The image I have used is my drawing and although it is unfinished, I felt it encapsulated “Holding Space”