Holding on
Holding back
Holding in
All suppressing
Stuffing down
Not allowing flow
Can’t express
Voice won’t work
Writer’s block
Not honouring
Looking outside
Searching, seeking, wanting, needing
Denying self
Fearing power, magnificence, light
Making excuses
Frustrating insignificance
Believing stories
Being defined by
Hamstrung, resistance, doubt
Hampered, challenged, hiding

Holding my space
Opening my heart
Freely expressing
Being in flow
Voicing, singing, talking
Writing with abandon
Honouring my desires
Looking within
Having and receiving with joy
Acknowledging my presence
Knowing my gentle power
Shining my light
Opening to my magnificence
Telling myself a new story
Accepting my impact and significance
Letting this define me
Flowing, allowing, surrendering, believing
Unfettered, expanding, revealing

This is ME 💗