Yeh me too!  It’s a symptom of our times, isn’t it?  So easy to get sucked into the vortex of over-thinking, anxiety, not feeling good enough and procrastinating.  Or not? 

Making Excuses

I am a master excuse maker!  I have honed this skill to within an inch of its life 😊 It’s my most useful tool when I’m in resistance and I’m there a lot.  My current mission is to unlearn all I’ve taught myself.  What?  Yep, I am reprogramming my brain.  Opening new neural pathways to a life of ease, flow and surrender.  It’s simple but not always as easy as it sounds. (Unless you say it is 😊)


It’s about being willing to be present with myself and others.  With each interaction, I need to have a stillness inside that informs me of the energy I’m bringing and of the exchange that is taking place.  I can’t be thinking of where I’m meant to be in half an hour or of all the things still needing to be done.  I have to be fully in the moment.  This will enhance my awareness, and I can then adjust to each changing scenario.


I’m tapping into my listening skills, really hearing what isn’t being said and unearthing body reactions and signals to give me clues to what’s really going on.  I am developing an intuitive eye and ear, using all the tools in my toolbox. 

Mind/Body Connection 

Recently, I have begun a process of tuning into issues by using our body’s response.  It’s a profound way of literally getting under your skin and defusing the stress and tension associated with any obstacle we encounter.  This mind/body connection is vital for us to have a balanced and joyful experience in our lives.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to have a session with me or just a chat, contact me.

Till tomorrow