What am I doing?

Here I am, saying that I’m starting a business, going to be doing what I love, helping people to find their gifts, sharing my gifts, in an effort to encourage and inspire them to follow the tugging at their heart strings …

But I’m not doing it!  Frustratingly, all I seem to be doing at the moment, is watching other people following their dreams.

Hey, so I’m inspired, that’s a good thing, right?  I’m writing in my journal again, drawing, painting and creating like crazy but I’m not sharing …

Well, that is not until now –

Hello, my name is Eithne.  (I’m of an age where it’s fairly rude to ask, so I don’t.)  😊

I feel enthused,

young at heart,

hopeful about a new way of living,

open to possibility,

love to chat,


see through your barriers to your heart-self,

a writer and a poet,

a creative artist,

I capture your essence in photos,


I’m Mum to a daughter and son, whom I love,

I have many friends,

I’ve grieved and come through with vast love,

I light the way through conversation, discussion and divination,

I’m a Wise Woman,

I have a wicked sense of humour 😊

These are just some of my facets, my gifts, my life experience, my dazzling, colourful personality and pleasant company 😊

“A creative artist in the field of infinite possibility.”

Let’s connect, let’s share, let’s join together and lift our energy to new heights.  Let’s find joy, love and laughter.

There is a magical circle waiting for you to take your place …

I have a Facebook page – Heart Space; where I’ve been writing for 4 years, sharing my journey in prose and poetry about discovery, vulnerability, beauty, love and recently trauma, sickness and finally grief.  It is the most compulsive, cathartic thing I have ever done, and it’s taught me so much about sharing, living, gratitude and mostly love.

I will be sharing some of these posts on my website and writing a regular blog telling you what I’m up to, my thoughts, challenges and experiences.

By declaring that this is my intention, I will be driven to do this “thing”, share my vibe, growing and expanding as I share …