There’s a push and pull energy to this phrase. Letting has a calm, passive tone to it. Go is all action. No wonder it feels confused (well, it does to me). This is the “buzz word” of the moment, “letting go” of what no longer serves you, of the past, behaviours, patterns and mostly beliefs. There are so many new things on the horizon, all of which feel far away and unattainable. By being able to see your life through the lens of the present, it is much easier to grasp the illusive threads of the future and pull them closer. Being present (letting) in the moment, we are more easily able to move (go) forward into our chosen future. Releasing the heavy baggage enables us to step up and into a lighter way of being.

So let’s go deeper; where does this resistance lie? Where do you feel it in your body? It immediately sends off alarm bells; we tighten up, get hot and bothered, skin tingles, breath shallows, and all in an instant! Does this pattern, behaviour or belief really resonate with you? If it did, wouldn’t it feel easy? What can you do differently? This is the only place or situation where you have the ability to change everything. Keep asking questions, opening yourself up to opportunities, awareness, synchronicities and feelings. We were taught to look for all these in places and people external to us, but that will never satisfy the void, craving, loss and feelings of inadequacy. This is a joyous journey into self; accepting, acknowledging, hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing. This is self love, this is joy. This is why we’re here.

Connecting to yourself, being kind, loving, gentle, putting yourself first, filling yourself up, so you can give of yourself, fully. This is not selfish, this is vital! Expect miracles, look for adventures, embrace life and whatever it brings, trusting that it is working for your highest good, always! Live every day as if it’s your first day, in wonder …

This piece is as much for me, as it is for you. We all need a little nudge. If this sparks something in you, and you’d like to have a chat, please contact me.