I’m Eithne and I’m here to share what I’ve learned during the many ‘lifetimes’ I’ve experienced in this life.

I live through my intuitive knowing.

Everything I do comes from a place inside and it radiates out as I express myself with art, writing, intuitive readings, photography, teaching and speaking.

I’m a mother, friend, holder of heart-space, expresser of my truth, light bringer, expansionist and heart opener.

I fully embrace my quest to experience all that life has to offer.

I believe in allowing, connection, love, joy, beauty, colour, intuition, music, energy, expression and expansion.

Meet me in the centre …  We’ll talk soon 🙂

Expansive Conversations


These are exquisite moments in time captured between open hearts.  Entering into dialogue, trusting, flowing and sharing.


Allowing expression to be your aim, reaching into your soft, vulnerable self, perhaps seeing who you are for the first time.  I hold the door open while you cross the threshold into your world.


Simple connection through conversation …


Expanding your vision of yourself to the limitless, free, loving and joy-filled being that you are.


Energetic Art Eithne Warren Inside Heart Space

energetic art Eithne Warren Inside Heart Space Tarot Oracle

Drawing Inward

Drawing Inward is a 3-week voyage of discovery into your personal intuitive language.


You are constantly receiving messages through your senses but for the most part you either ignore them or don’t realise they’re there.


Explore the meaning YOU give to colours, words, behaviours & symbols during this  co-creative experience of deep resonance.  Fine tune your unique way of consciously experiencing life & explore your hidden depths.


Join me to unlock the doorway into a vibratory, exciting Universe, return to joy, reconnect with your body and be centred in all you do.


The next voyage begins soon. For details, inquire below.




When I draw, I allow myself to centre through my breath.

I hold space for myself to be, allowing my pen to go where it will.

The colours choose me, there is flow, unrestricted creation, pure surrender.

Music, voice, colour, love and joy populate my space as I translate the images and translate a portion for you to enjoy.

I offer pieces ready-drawn and also accept commissions for bespoke images

– perfectly attuned to you or a dear one.


Eithne Warren Energetic Art

feather bright Eithne Warren Intuitive Readings Inside Heart Space


Intuitive Readings



My version of ‘reading’ cards is to immerse myself in our co-creative intuitive interaction.

We converse, interject, feel our way into what needs to be shared.  As that connection becomes more expansive and resonant, the story I tell weaves its way into your heart.

It’s a joyful, richly textured, abundant experience.


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